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red marker on bob's finger. >> dana: guilty. >> got to go. >> see you tomorrow, everybody. >> bret: lies, misinformation and a deliberate coverup. conclusions of house republicans on how the obama administration handled the benghazi terror attack. democrats in the white house are firing back. this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm bret bamplet as a new terror investigation is underway in boston, researchers for five republican controlled house committees have come out with a scathing indictment of the obama administration's response to the september 11th terror attack in benghazi, libya that left four americans dead. including the u.s. ambassador. national security correspondent jennifer
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griffin has details tonight from the pentagon. good evening, jennifer. >> greenk, bret. fox news has obtained a progress report prepared by members of the house republican conference on events surrounding the september 11th attacks in benghazi. it concludes the administration's reaction was, quote: a concerted attempt to insulate the department of state from blame following the terrorist attacks. the report was prepared by the chairman of the armed services foreign affairs judiciary oversight and government reform and select committee on intelligence. all of them republican. here are their initial findings after months of gathering testimony and reviewing internal interagency communications. quote: prior to the benghazi attacks, state department officials in libya made repeated requests for additional security that were denied in washington despite ample documentation of the threat posed by violent extremists militias. further, reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in benghazi were approved at the
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highest levels of the state department. up to and including secretary clinton. this fact the report says, contradicts her testimony before the house foreign affairs committee on january 23rd, 2013. >> the specific security requests pertaining to benghazi, you know, were handled by the security professionals in the department. i didn't see those requests. they didn't come to me. i didn't approve them. i didn't deny them. >> the report finds, quote: in the days following the attacks, white house and senior state department officials altered accurate talking points drafted by the intelligence committee in order to protect the tate department, quote: contrary to administration rhetoric, the talking points were not edited to protect classified information. concern for classified information is never mentioned in email traffic among senior administration officials. fox has also obtained tonight a letter sent tonight from top democrats on the five committees to house speaker john boehner accusing him of politicizing the benghazi
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inquiry. the lawmakers asked how the g.o.p. report can be fair when it doesn't include their views. national security council spokesperson katelyn hayden adds, quote: the report appears to raise questions that have already been asked and answered in great detail by the administration which has provided she says over 10,000 pages of documents, participated in 10 con gracial hearings and accepted the findings of the state department accountability review board. bret? >> bret: jennifer, thank you. now to terror here at home. boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev remains under medical care and heavy security tonight and while his medical future seems brighter. grief stricken friends and family are saying their final good byes to two of his alleged victims. senior correspondent eric shawn is in boston again tonight. >> tsarnaev has been upgraded from serious to fair condition. we are getting more insight from hospital bedside court appearance. dr. stephan oddham acute
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specialist asked him how are you feeling? are you able to answer questions. dzhokhar nods affirmatively. the judge asked him you can afford a lawyer? no he answered only time he spoke. i find that the defendant is alert, mentally he competent and lucid. is he aware of the nature of the proceedings. and on this somber spring day, bostonians saw the funerals of two of the bombing victims. little 8-year-old martin richard was laid to rest in an emotional private funeral mass attended by 500 people. many were crying children. his parents, denise and bill richard, issued a statement saying the outpouring of love and support over the last week has been tremendous. this has been the most difficult week of our lives and we appreciate that our friends and family have given us space to greave and heal. the funeral for 26-year-old mit campus police officer sean collier owho was allegedly am burekd by the brothers was held in massachusetts.
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meanwhile, the number of injured has increased to 264 people. many still suffer ringing in the ears from the deafening sound of the bombs. kaelyn katz was severely injured in the leg and thought she would die. i didn't think i was going to make it when he laid me down in the alley. there was a good amount of bleeding. i made a phone call to my sister and was more concentrated on saying my good byes which is so sad. >> and tonight the brothers estranged sisters bella and elena who live in new jersey issued a statement to the lawyers condemning the attack. they have said our heart goes out to the innocent rims have. they called it a callus act devastating their families. they also said that they don't have any answers and are awaiting a thorough investigation. meanwhile tomorrow vice president joe biden and his wife will be here. they will be attending a memorial service on the campus of mit for the slain officer collier who was not that much older than the students of mit that he
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protected. bret? >> bret: eric shawn live in boston. eric, thank you. we are still trying to get to the real story on tamerlan tsarnaev's trip to russia last year and his possible ties to terrorism and islamic extremism. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is following that thread tonight. >> the fbi's handling of tamerlan tsarnaev in 2011 and six-month trip to russia the following year now face congressional scrutiny. >> was your department aware of his travels to russia and, if you weren't, the reason? >> yes. the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned all investigations had been -- the matter had been closed. >> napolitano said the lookout system that flags agents federal investigation no longer active when tamerlan returned from russia in july of 2012. >> the system picked up
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departure but did not pick him coming back, correct? >> the fbi text alert on him at that point was more than a year old and had expired. >> napolitano's pluck contradict briefing given by the fbi director. >> after talking to the fbi they told me they had no knowledge of him leaving or coming back. the name was misspelled. and when we say there was no broader plot here, i don't know how in the world we know that at this early stage. >> the democratic chair of the senate intelligence committee also held the closed door hearing tuesday to address the conflicting reports. >> we had a full discussion back and forth over the process that followed. and we need to keep at that and we need to see if there are any loopholes in it that we fix those loopholes. >> during his trip last year, russian media reports that tamerlan tried to renew his passport and left the country without explanation. one newspaper editor told
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fox the boston suspect may have slipped through moscow's net. >> the problem is we have different procedures russia and the united states. for example, we don't have no fly list. we have wanted list. >> u.s. officials say investigators are considering whether the brothers read al qaeda's online magazine "inspire" to pick up bomb-making skills. of the quanicassee of the three pressure cooker bombs suggest hands on training. >> these individuals were able to reproduce weapons using crude materials off the shelf in an effective manner. that shows me that there is some training there. it's not just something that read. >> earlier today unnamed u.s. official says the working theory of investigators is that the two brothers act willed alone. after a briefing late tote the chairman and ranking member insisted to reporters it was premature to conclude there were no overseas ties adding the fbi is actively reconstructing the 26-year-old's six months in russia, bret. >> bret: thank you more on this with the panel.
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>> this is a fox news alert. the elvis impersonator has left the building. the part-time musician accused of sending tainted letters to president obama and republican senator is out of jail tonight. not only that all of the charges have now been dropped. the press conference just wrapping um in oxford, mississippi as you look live. senior national correspondent john roberts is in atlanta with details. good evening, john. this is strange story. >> it is, bret. one that's been moving in a lot of different directions through the the day. first of all, this morning, on what was to be the third day of a he detention hearing. the federal magistrate in the case suddenly ordered a continuance in the case ordered devin curtis to be released on bond after he had been held since wednesday night in the local lockup there in oxford, mississippi. we were getting indications that maybe the fbi had fingered the wrong person and the charges against him were going to be dismissed. but it was clear that he was only released on bond initially. though his attorneys had proclaimed that he was 1,000% innocent.
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now, i guess for surprise value, his attorney, christie mccoy started off the press conference on the steps of the courthouse this afternoon by saying here is the order of dismissal in the case. all of the charges have been dropped. they were dropped in a way that they could be reinstated in the future point if necessary. i had a long conversation with kevin curtis' brother jack last week thursday evening in which he insisted that yes, his brother does have mental problems. he described him as by poll -- bipolar and he does subscribe to conspiracy theories missing bodies part at the mississippi medical center. worst of times he could never be capable of something like this. the fbi as we understand from talking with law enforcement sources is entertaining the idea that he may have been framed because he did write extensively on the internet about his conspiracy theories and signed off many of his misses i'm kevin curtis and i approve this message. that is language that is very similar to that contained in the letters that were sent to the president, senator or robert wicker and as well a
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local judge in tupelo, mississippi, it was written i'm k.c. and i aprof this message i believes his brother was framed. the fbi acted too quickly in this case. this happened right after the boston bombings, they were under a lot of pressure to come up with a suspect. he says they simply came up with the wrong one. bret? >> bret: okay, john. much more on this with the panel. a strange story. we will hear from paul kevin curtis. a hazardous materials team is investigating another possible tainted letter this time a military facility. senator harry reid said it is joint base anna cost i can't bowling. the two suspects in what canadian officials say was a plot to derail a passenger plane in court today. neither entered a pleavment one said the allegations
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were based on appearances. men had direction and guidance from al qaeda terrorists in iran. the iranian foreign ministry denies involvement. amid the misery in boston, the show of gratitude from journalists. we'll explain that later in the grapevine. up next, the misery is far for over from air travelers delayed by the sequester.
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>> bret: time is mope for many airline travelers and right now the government's lack of money or effective plan to spend it is causing travelers a lot of lost time. white house correspondent wendell goler reports the obama administration decision to cut staffing in airport control towers is causing major turbulence here in washington tonight. >> as the faa began furloughing air traffic controllers and the flight delays began. the finger pointing quickly followed. >> as a result of administration's poor planning, i would argue
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political motives, thousands of people were stuck on tarmacs over the last few days. >> congress had an opportunity but republicans made a choice. and this is a result of a choice they made to embrace the sequester as, and i'm quoting republicans, as a victory for the tea party and a home run. >> if the blame was partisan, the pain was not. long lines and missed connections raised bipartisan concerns with republican and democratic senators asking the transportation secretary and head of the faa how much funding do you need to avoid furloughing air traffic controllers and to keep the contract air traffic control towers open and what could you cut from other accounts to avoid or reduced air traffic controller furloughs and contract closures and there were bipartisan proposed solutions. >> what i believe is there ought to be postponement of these furloughs to give all of us a chance to revisit the con stained imposed by
3:17 pm
success station. >> the administration does have the opportunity to make decisions by prior advertising spending within the department of transportation. if they do not, they ought to be asking. >> the president has not asked congress for the authority to prioritize different faa spending. though aids say the agency held off controller furloughs for as long as it okay senate republicans tried to give them the authority but democrats voted against it and spokesman suggested why mr. obama really doesn't want it. >> our interest is in eliminating the sequester entirely it never should have become law. >> if the white house is hoping that public pressure will move congress, some lawmakers have the same idea. >> public pressure is mounting on the president. these big cities, chicago, atlanta, those airports are going to feel the impact economically so we believe the mayors will be weighing in. people around the country will be weighing in. >> flights into washington's reagan national airport were delayed an average hour and 15 minutes today and takeoffs and landings at reagan and nearby dulles
3:18 pm
international were completely stopped for a while. may be unclear who people will blame for these delays but won't take them long to blame somebody. bret? >> bret: a bit of a scare today at the associated press twitter account. what happened? >> shortly before the briefing. somebody hacked into the ap's twitter account and said there had been two explosions at the white house and president obama was injured. the dow industrials fell 140 points before julie pace told press secretary jay carney what had happened. >> i appreciate that and i can say that the president is fine izzo just with him. somebody tried fishing attack on the network that could have meant fake reports going out on news wire news organizations across the country that attempt was not successful. the ap has disabled twitter account until it finds out what what happens. >> >> bret: it happened to "60 minutes" the other night,
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too thank you. >> a senior israeli military official says syria has used chemical weapons against insurgent groups. new amateur groups shows fighting going around can a damascus. president obama has warned that using chemical weapons would be, what he called a game changer regarding u.s. involvement in syria. today, the obama administration said it has come to no conclusions. a car bomb exploded today outside the french embassy in tripoli, libya. two french guards and teenager were wounded. it's the first such assault on an ambassador in the libyan capital. the diplomatic facility in benghazi was hit last september 11th. still ahead. will the boston bombings derail immigration reform? first, washington politicians target a cheaper way to shop. @ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> bret: new home sales rebounded in march by 1.5%, that's better than february but not as good as january. the dow if it finished ahead 12 after that scare we telling you about earlier with the tweet from ap. the s&p up 16. nasdaq up 26. if you are a lot of people online shopping break you get on sales tax. it can add up. washington wants a piece of the action. chief washington correspondent james rosen on the online money grab. >> the motion is agreed to. >> ecommerce may soon get a reboot after the senate voted 74 to 20 on monday to advance the marketplace fairness act. a measure that would require online retailers who do more than a million dollars a year in out-of-state business to collect the applicable sales taxes for each state in which their online buyers reside. proponents say this will level the playing field for
3:24 pm
bring and mortar stores whose owners have grown accustomed to seeing customers browse the showroom only to dash off to a computer or hand held device. >> that's not fair. that's discriminating against the local merchant. the local merchant who hires local people. the local merchant who pays property taxes. >> nine states have enacted online sales taxes. enforcement thus far has been lax. the marketplace fairness act would require the states to provide online retailers with new software to process the new transactions. >> this bill has nothing to do with federal taxes. nothing. secondly, this bill does not impose any new taxes whatsoever. >> as might imagine, many online retailers and their allies on capitol hill are hesitant to click i agree. they cite the existence of 10,000 state municipal tax codes. >> while complying with so many codes might not be a big deal for large online retailers. it's actually a huge burden
3:25 pm
for the little guys. >> the marketplace fairness act is unprecedented in its reach to discriminate against the internet, employers, and states with modest or no sales taxes. >> after years of opposition, last year relented. ebay sought a carveout for online retailers doing up to 10 million in annual sales and having not got continue still opposes the factor place fairness act. with the senate moving senate groups courting house members. >> strong group of bipartisan supporters and they have been working with the judiciary committee and the house leadership to make sure this issue gets heard. >> the white house announced its support for the bill tuesday. it's estimated if enacted this measure would recoup $24 billion in lost revenues for the state per year. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. do you think online sales should be taxed? let me know on twitter. follow me at bret baier. a partial victory today for
3:26 pm
the philadelphia abortion doctor accused of murdering one patient and seven babies. it came much earlier than expected. correspondent shannon bream has the story which contains disturbing material. >> today marked the official start of the defense case on behalf of kermit gosnell. the philadelphia abortion doctor accused of killing multiple babies who were born alive at his clinic. described in the 300 page grand jury report as a place of horror. the defense attorney jack machine man successfully persuaded the judge to throw out several of the charges against gosnell. including three first-degree murder charges. mcmahon had argued that the evidence presented by the prosecution didn't support the legal case against gosnell saying, quote: there is not one piece of objective scientific evidence that anyone was born alive at gosnell's clinic. the remaining charges are significant. including four first-degree murder charges that could subject gosnell to the death penalty.
3:27 pm
the defense continues that the new independent online documentary outline what is led up to the criminal case against gosnell. the film, 3801 lancaster, a reference to the clinic's address includes interviews from former gosnell patients who describe dirty, bloody conditions patients who, quote looked half dead. along with prosecutors looking into what was going on at the clinic. >> how is it that we have more oversight in the commonwealth of pennsylvania of women's hair salons and nail salons than we do over abortion clinics? >> leading up to this case, the state health department had not inspected gosnell's clinic for 17 years. despite serious complications suffered by patients including the deaths of two women after they had abortions at the facility. a former patient we talked to also wondered who was keeping watch. >> not only was it gosnell's responsibility, but it was also the officials and the medical
3:28 pm
board of philadelphia to make in the best interest of all of the women that went there. and the lives of the unborn children that died at the hands of gosnell and even some of the women that went there the defense called a number of witnesses to the the stand this afternoon but is expected to spend much less time than the five weeks the prosecution took to make its case. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. make sure to tune in sunday, may 5th at 9:00 p.m. eastern for a fox news reporting special on the gosnell trial. every once in a while journalists do some nice things. take yesterday, for instance in boston. details next in the grapevine. and they say the house always wins in las vegas. turns out the taxicabs there aren't doing too badly either. [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail,
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and a long range plug-in hybrid for you. now, let's review. introducing the ford c-max hybrid and the ford c-max energi plug-in hybrid. say hi to the c-max hybrids. >> bret: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. casinos are not the only places in las vegas where tourists are losing their money. a legislative audit finds taxi drivers in sin city overcharged tourists nearly $15 million last year. 15 million. just by taking longer routes two-to-and from the airport. the report found that in 23% of the airport trips reviewed. cabby offered for the scene nic route to get passengers to destinations the iconic trees that auburn university school spirit
3:33 pm
came down as a result of a football rivalry taken way too far. for decades the oaks at tumors corner has been a gathering place for students there who roll them with toilet paper after big football wins. following alabama's loss to auburn in 2010, appear alabama fan poisoned the trees, later calling into a radio show to brag about what he did. despite the best efforts of arborists, the trees did not survive. the man who admitted to killing the trees is currently in jail. there are plans to plant new trees at tumors corner,we'. and finally a message of gratitude to the journalists of the "boston globe" who worked tirelessly around the clock last week to keep the country informed about the marathon attacks, yesterday dozens of pizzas arrived in the globe's newsroom. courtesy of the chicago tribune. the message said, quote. we can only imagine what an exhausting and heart breaking week it's been for you and your city. but do know your newsroom's colleagues here in chicago and across the country
3:34 pm
stand in awe of your tenacious courage and coverage. you make us all proud to be journalists. we can't buy you lost sleep so at least let us pick up lunch. the grown's staff tweeted their thanks calling the gesture classy the to the core. the boston marathon bombings have added fuel to the already raging fire that is immigration reform. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill. >> the response was swift, effective and in many ways will serve as a model for the future. >> assessment of the boston terror attack has become key component of immigration reform. boston suspects exploit the nation's immigration nation to carry out their terror activities it is important to these discussions. a point ten kentucky senator rand paul made in a letter to majority leader reid on monday. >> it's a wrong signal to say hurry up and let's pass comprehensive immigration reform but not do anything to make sure the country is
3:35 pm
more secure from people who might attack us. >> reid responded to paul today writing on twitter quote during senator rand paul let's pass immigration reform because it lets us pass background checks on those here unlawfully. fox news poll 7% of those surveyed favor a path to citizenship if the illegal immigrants meet requirements which has jumped six points since february. some republicans say while the senate gang of 8 measure provides a path, it isn't strong enough on security. >> we have a duty to protect the borders and the sovereignty of this country oil ceshted it repeats the mistakes. >> piece marco rubio security trumps citizenship, quote, we have to wait until we implement plans to spend $5.5 billion to secure the border through more border patrol officers, more technology, and more fencing. >> there are a number of conservatives who say securing the border is a critical priority because
3:36 pm
of lawmakers fail, that will be the second time since the 1980s and the american public won't be in a mood for a third attempt any time soon. bret? >> mime immanuel live on the hill. mike, thanks. senate finance committee chairman max baucus announced today he will not seek re-election in 2014. the democrat from montana will be retiring from the senate after 36 years. baucus is one of five democrats so far who will be leaving the senate after next year's elections. tracking terrorists from the boston bombings to poisoned letters. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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>> travels to russia. and if you weren't, the reason? >> yes. the system pinged when he was leaving the united states. by the time he returned, all investigations had been -- the matter had been closed. >> after having talked to the fbi, they told me they had no knowledge of him leaving or coming back. the name was misspelled, so i would like to talk to you more about this case, how this man left, where he went. and when we say there was no broader plot here. i don't know how in the world we know that at this early stage this is very active ongoing investigation.
3:41 pm
all threads are being pulled. >> bret: hearing today up on capitol hill. talking about tamerlan tsarnaev, that's the older suspect who was killed last thursday night in a shootout with police. questioning about what the fbi knew when they questioned him and about when he went overseas and what happened with not questioning him when he he came back. here is what senator feinstein said about all of this. >> dhs clearly denied him to be naturalized as a citizen for some reason. i think, not to criticize because i'm a big fan of the fbi, but to go back and see that we plugged loopholes is really critical. >> bret: so let's bring in our panel start there steve hayes senior writer for the "weekly standard." a.b. stod gard and syndicated columnist charles cac. steve, this was an interesting day about. >> this was bad day about
3:42 pm
back and forth about his travel. lindsey graham very clear. the associate director of the fbi told him that the fbi had no idea when tamerlan tsarnaev left the country or returned. now you have the head of homeland security, janet napolitano testifying before congress saying that, in fact, dhs did know when he left the country. because there was a ping in the system, whatever that means. what we don't know is why fbi didn't know what dhs knows. if that's in fact what happened. are these stove. is this the kind of problem we were facing before 9/11 where you have certain parts of our intelligence in law enforcement apparatus that know what's happening with an individual and other parts that don't know? that would seem very odd, given that the fbi was the agency that conducted the investigation into tamerlan tsarnaev. what's clear is is we don't know a lot about what happened. we do know there was confusion in our law enforcement and
3:43 pm
intelligence system after the fact. >> susan collins, republican from maine says she is very concerned with sharing info. critical info. troubling to me that years after, as you point out, september 11th seem to have, quote. stove pipes that prevent info from being shared effectively. kirsten? >> i think we don't know at this point. that's the problem. we need to find out exactly what they knew about his travels. you know, is there a lot of people going in and out of the country and too many to keep track of who they are being told have ties to radical islam who as they were warned by russia? there is a problem. there shouldn't be too many of these people to keep track of. this should have been something that would raise major flags, major warnings about this person and it should have been somebody that they were keeping an eye on. >> bret: charles? >> the place where he went, sort of the epicenter of terrorism right now in the caucuses even worse than chechnya where the violence has been largely suppressed. this was a bad day for the
3:44 pm
security services. it reminds me a bit of what happened after we caught the underwear bomber who tried to blow up an airplane over detroit. janet napolitano famously said right afterwards, the system worked. which means that the only reason it worked is because he sweat the bomb which dulled the fuse and civilians tackled him. and i also remember the president saying i think it was in that incident that it was an isolated incident. each before he knew i have that sense here. the administration is trying to imply this is sort of isolated. a couple of wild and crazy guys who set off this bomb. no connections as lindsey graham says how do we have any idea? and i would ask if these guys were so low on cash that they had to go around to atm machines with a guy they hijacked. where did they get the money for the weapons? where did they get the
3:45 pm
suicide jacket? it isn't exactly on sale at nordstroms. >> a couple of fox news opinion polls out handling of the boston marathon bombings, people overwhelmingly support law enforcement as can you imagine. the obama administration scoring well. the media not as well. as you can also imagine. during the manhunt just an interesting question event like boston lockdown would you want to have a gun at home? there you see yes, i would, 69%, 28% saying no. steve, another story that popped today was this ricin story that doesn't make -- well, it's not a good day as you mentioned for the administration overall tack a listen to who was the suspect now he doesn't have any charges. kevin curtis. >> i'm holding today the order of dismissal that dismisses the charges lodged against paul kevin curtis. >> i love my country and would never do anything to
3:46 pm
pose a threat to him or any other u.s. official. this past week has been a nightmare for myself and my family. my mother has suffered as well as my children. i would like to get back to normal. >> started with i respect president obama. steve, i tell you, i was at the olympics, richard jewel. i remember it well. i covered it boy, it sounds like that. it's early. >> it sounds like that. it also sounds like the days after 9/11 when we thought we had somebody who was responsible for the letters sent to capitol hill and we didn't and long investigation and still not conclusive about who was behind those letters. look, this is, i think a part of a pattern of trying to grasp on to something too early. and the administration -- i was struck when that news broke about the ricin letters, we heard news that ricin letters had been sent
3:47 pm
and then within hours, we heard reports that officials had a suspect in mind or thought they knew who that was. maybe that's possible. but it seems to me like they were stretching and now certainly given the fact that these charges have been dismissed, it sounds like they have been screched. >> bret: we will following this story. next up a republican report alleging a coverup in benghazi and democrats pushing back. [ male announcer ] straight from red lobster's chefs to your table for a limited time! it's our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! a handcrafted seafood feast made to share. first you each get salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then choose two from a wide variety of chef-inspired trées like our new honey garlic crispy shrimp or new seafood lover's lingui. round out your seafood dinner with your choice of either an appetizer or dessert to share! don't miss our seafood dinner for two, just $25 at red lobster, where we sea food different.
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i have no problem with continuing to get the facts and data but only for finding out what happened, where we are going in the future and making sure it doesn't happen again. >> well, democrat saying no problem about moving forward but democrats have a problem now with this 46 page interim progress
3:51 pm
report by five committees run by house republicans in it. scathing indictment of the administration saw iting reduction in security levels were approved up to and including secretary clinton. state department officials altered accurate talking points being drafted by the community in order to protect the state department. i will read this quote. specifically after a white house deputy's meeting on saturday, september 15th. 2012, the administration altered the talking points to remove references to the likely participation of islamic extremists in the attack. the administration also removed references to the threat of extremist linked to al qaeda in benghazi and eastern libya. including information about at least five other attacks against foreign interests in benghazi.senior state depart officials requested and the white house approved that the details of the threats, specifics of the previous attack. and previous warnings be removed to insulate the department from criticism that it ignored the threat he environment in benghazi. we're back with the panel.
3:52 pm
it goes on kirsten. >> what difference does it makes a secretary clinton would say democrats are claiming political hit job by the republicans and frequently these things do get politicized but i would say the democrats were welcomed to be part of this, i'm sure and nobody is stopping them from investigating benghazi and they embarrassed themselves during the hearings, spending the whomentd time trying to make up stories for why the administration dropped the ball on this. so, one of the most interesting things in this is that secretary clinton, when she was testifying, said that she was not aware that nothing came to her attention in terms of security for the embassy and, in fact, it turns out that it did. and her exact words were i made it very clear the security cables did not come to my attention or above the assistant secretary level. well it did go above the assistant secretary level. it wally actually went to her office. weather she saw it or not is a different question it definitely went above the
3:53 pm
assistant secretary level. >> bret: charles, this report says it went up to and including secretary clinton the democrats can say it's a partisan attack. when you produce documentary evidence of a charge said when she addressed the congress that was not exactly right. that she was not aware of these security compland and threat. >> let's play that. it was going to be our bump in shot. go ahead. >> the specific security requests pertaining to benghazi, you know were handled by the security professionals in the department. i didn't see those requests. they didn't come knee. i didn't approve them. i didn't deny them. what the report says is a cable she signed by then ambassador for additional security and that none the less orders with a withdraw will will of security assets in libya. that's a contradiction to
3:54 pm
what she said. the other damning evidence here, again, it doesn't matter hot source is. it's what the facts of the matter. that they did edit the talking points to remove references to al qaeda which fits in the pattern that we discussed even earlier. the attempt always to try to pretend that these aren't part of a global jihad whether it's here. it's boston, the underwear attacker or the fort hood shooter. it's a constant in this administration is a way to say no, it's not. it's a one shot deal and let's go on. and i think it's -- that really is the problem that underlies all of this. >> that is kind of the big picture issue here, steve. as you have canadian officials talking about al qaeda in iran, directing that plot, it's interesting to just see this report out in that context. >> look, the president doesn't want to call it a war on terror. john brennan doesn't want to call it a war on terror. it is, in fact, a war on terror.
3:55 pm
it continues whether we want it to or not. the obama administration can wish that we weren't participants in this war but we don't make that choice. that's not up to us. and i think what this report points out or highlights or suggests or suggests. if they are deceiving us that's bad. if they are deceiving themselves that's dangerous. that's a question we need an answer to. >> bret: the administration through the national security spokesperson said that they fully cooperated and they pointed back to the independent body, the state department's accountability review board which they have pointed to many times saying the recommendations are being implemented. that's it for the panel. stay tuned as we get update on other important foreign news. vo: always one step ahead with an intuitive motion activated lid and seat, bold makes sure you'll never have to ask him again.
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3:59 pm
>> bret: finally tonight with news coming out of boston, the texas fertilizer plant explosion. ricin story. reports. one of the reports border of north and south korea. one show says it's close quarters there as the tensions are increasing. >> there is near absolute silence in the most military rised border on the planet. south korean soldiers staring down a sworn enemy that stares right back. when we talk about tensions on the peninsula, this is is about as tense as it gets. south korean soldiers facing off.

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